Two filmmakers attended the Cucalorus Film Festival with their short film SHUT EYE... Only one of them returned...

Short Film - 9 minutes

Production Companies - Nothing Films, Ice Souvenir Productions

Genre - Horror-Comedy

Shut Eye 2 Cucalorus.jpg


Written, directed, shot, sliced, and starring Lauren Cooney and Isaac Tomiczek. @HiLaurenCooney @anicesouvenir

Shot on location at Cucalorus Film Festival. Where it also had its premiere the following year. Alternative Title: A Cucalorus Love Story.


Additional Camera - Cape Fear Drones

Post Visual Effects - Jack Hextall

Sound Designer -Michalianna Theofanopoulou

Music Supervisor - Tin Drum Music


Nothing cut.png

Check out SHUT EYE here

Shut Eye 2 Bloody.jpg