'Let’s play a game. Take the most potent sleeping pills on the planet and try to stay awake. Last one to fall asleep wins.'

Shut Eye is a mind-bending psychological horror, that was shot in one night, for zero budget, with FILM CLUB.


Short film - 3 minutes

Genre - Horror

All music was composed by William Serfass, aka Roscius



Cucalorus Film Festival

Unrestricted Horror Film Festival

Exposure Short Film Festival

Fargo Film Festival

Fisheye Film Festival



Best Film - Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival

Best Micro Short Film - Fisheye Film Festival

SHUT EYE was selected to play at the Genesis Cinema, London, before Nightmare On Elm Street for Halloween 2017.


Shut Eye Stairs.jpg


Danny - Daniel Holme

Haley - Haley McGee

James - James Robert-Moore

Georgia - Georgia Murphy

Keith - Keith Thorne

Shopkeeper - Memet “Ozzy” Aytag

Shut Eye dude.jpg



Writer - Isaac Tomiczek, Lauren Cooney

Director - Lauren Cooney

Producer - Lisa Jacobi

DOP - Christopher Brooks

Editor - Adam Flynn

Post Visual Effects - Pablo Melchor

Sound Designer - Breen Turner

Composer - Roscius


Watch the trailer for the sequel - SHUT EYE 2 - here.