Screenwriting for Actors

Producing for Actors

Courses work fantastically as a pair, and participants are encouraged to do both to gain a holistic understanding of what goes into making projects. 

The courses are aimed at actors and people with a background in fiction story-telling.  

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The courses were originally conceived to inspire actors and creatives to make their own work. Actors make great storytellers. They have an inherent understanding of story, emotion, and connection. They want to make audiences laugh and cry. But for so long they have been dependent on others to see them and give them a role. Actors have learnt to lower their self-esteem, and have accepted a sense of waiting and powerlessness.

Actors - It's time to become a rounded story-teller, making the industry and entertainment that you want to see. It's time to make shit happen for yourselves. 

'The workshop with Lauren was fantastic, exactly what I needed. A safe and creative  environment were I could develop my writing skills. We were all perfectly guided by Lauren who is very experienced and inspirational.’ - Anna Elena Pepe


- Explore why actors make brilliant writers
- Include exercises to get creativity flowing
- Delve into the technicality of gripping screenwriting
- Focus on the importance of Character
- Inspire collaborative play and creation
- Unpack the use of genre and the role of emotion
- Demystify 'the industry' and give power back to the creator
- Look at the various screenwriting forms and how they can impact your career


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THE PRODUCING WORKSHOP (in collaboration with special guests*) WILL:

- Give you an overview of the practicalities of on-set producing
- Explore the UK Film industry, and the routes to make a splash
- Encourage ownership of ideas, and treating your work like a business
- Reveal places to look to find collaboration and support
- Motivate you to research and understand your creative projects holistically
- Demonstrate the importance for creatives to embrace the business aspects
- Introduce you to speakers, who are emerging talents in the UK industry

*Guests have included award-winning and BAFTA nominated producers, Actors with success making their own films, Producers breaking boundaries working across formats and transatlantically. 

"Thank you Lauren for an insightful, encouraging & inspiring workshop. Great to meet so many guest speakers giving invaluable advice. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about the producing process." - Sallyanne Badger

Above all, the courses are designed to encourage participant collaboration, and to create a community of awesome hyphenate-storytellers.


'At the heart of the program was an ability to understand not just how everyone works differently but instead of simply providing answers, giving insightful questions that created far deeper and more valuable learning.’ - Dom Lenoir

Please get in touch with Lauren about courses here.